Here's a breakdown as to why we charge for shipping (like all other online stores).

After investing our own funds to produce quality shirts with high-end print processes, we pay to transport the goods to our 3rd party fulfillment center, who charges us for receiving, storage, processing, packing, and postage. Here's a general break down:

Please note we're happy to offer complimentary free US shipping on all orders with full-retail items.

Fulfillment Center Monthly Maintenance: $300
Truck Transport Fee: $1.5/lb
Receiving Fee: $10/15mins (30 mins avg)
Inventory Storage Fee: $0.75/sku/monthly
    (5 skus per design x 20+ designs)
Picking/Packing: $0.45/item
Individual Bagging: $0.50/item
Packaging Supplies: $0.10/order
Avg Postage (US): $5
Avg Postage (International): $15-$22

Additional Costs
Sticker Set: $0.50
Zip-lock packaging: $0.20


It would cost our company THOUSANDS in losses monthly via fulfillment and production expenses if we did not charge for shipping and we would not be able to exist. Besides, shipping is a normal part of e-commerce.