What AN AN ANN stands for at its core is open to individual interpretation but not to definition. At the least, it is a medium for my conceptual ephemaralities erupting from some account of nostalgia. An An Ann is as much a label as it isn’t. We sell product but we don’t sell product. The business model is neither traditional wholesale nor direct to consumer. It’s satirical and it’s also serious. It’s clothing and it’s not clothing. You will find screenprinted t-shirts and sartorial luxury streetwear. Statement garments and unisex essentials. Maximalism and minimalism coexisting in one place.

I’ve never felt comfortable fitting within a structure. And that’s accurately what this brand is. It doesn’t belong to a template or hold a desire to meet any inherited expectations. I don’t have a quantifiable responsibility to it. This opens a path for me to reach a form of artistic expression that is pure.

In all honesty, I grew tired and complacent of the success of my past brand and succumbed to it’s obligations at the expense of creative exploration and growth. After my last company fell victim to corporate politics following an acquisition and subsequently led to my parting ways as the lead creative, I was surprised to have found restoration with a new angle of purpose. And during a one year sabbatical from any paid work, I sought out to learn even more about manufacturing procedures, streetwear's evolving design language, creative elements, ideas, relevance, and references — not for business gain but for existential reasons. In essence, I’m just paying a past due bill.

Creative Director